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We collect groups from 5 to 15 students and start new groups every month. Also you can study on individual programs with our teachers. See our special programs prices for newbies.
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You can study online with our teachers at any convenient time for you. You can choose your favourite tutor from all in community, choose necessary subjects to exercise if you want to get intensive classes.
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We develop special classes for kids to start speaking new languages with fun and no fear. All kids will be involved in intellectual games and discussion process.
Leaves (листы)
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We can estimate your company opportunities, explore your economic status, analyze your vehicle access and foot traffic.
We develop the main conception of a company according to company target, develop strategies of competitive advantage.
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One of the most popular variety of SBT not only at Altai but all around the world. The main advantage is easy hand picking. At the same time this variety is distinguished by quite large berries (up to 0.9 g), and high productivity (under irrigation at experimental plots up to 30 t/ha). Without thorns. Disadvantage – wilt susceptibility.
    The sweetest variety in the world. Another interesting feature for this variety is long period of palatability – approximately for one month. It is rare feature for Altai SBT where most of varieties are lost their taste within two or three weeks after ripening. Mostly thornless. Berries size is about 0.7 g. Disadvantage – moderate productivity, low efficiency on hand picking.
      Distinguished by extremely fast maturing period. Compare to main group of SBT varieties which provide significant yield only on fourth year after planting this one is produce economically valuable yield at the year of three. At the same time this variety is distinguished by easy hand picking as well as high productivity. Berries size is about 0.8 g Disadvantage – branches are deeply arching with the yield and it real problem as for plant as well as for harvesters. Difficult in propagation.
        Very popular variety for this period of time because of large berries size (0.8-1.0 g) and high productivity. Quite vigorous growth and easy hand picking. Disadvantage – moderate thornness.
          High productivity, orange-red colored, very comfortable and efficient hand picking (25-30 per cent higher comparing to Chuiskaya). One skilled harvester can collect 200 kg of berries per 8 hours. Berries with pleasant taste and moderate size (is about 0.8 g). Disadvantage – no found.
          Early ripening variety (beginning of August at Altai region), two weeks earlier than dominate group. It has unbelievable large berries up to 1.4 g, which are easy for hand picking. It has compact low crown that provide comfortable harvesting. It could be one of the most promising cultivar both for industrial plantation and private gardens. Disadvantage – short period of technical ripeness (no more than ten days for harvesting). One of the most difficult variety in propagation.
          Another variety with dessert taste (mostly like Altaiskaya), moderate growth. Compare to Altaiskaya distinguished by high productivity. Berries size is about 0.7-0.8 g. Disadvantage – short period of technical ripeness.
          Variety combining dessert taste (actually not so sweet like Altaiskaya, but better than the most of varieties), large berries size (0.9-1.2 g), moderate hand picking and significant resistance to wilt. Disadvantage – difficult in propagation.
          Early ripening variety (begining of August at Altai). It's one of few varieties combining red color of berries and large berries size (up to 0.8-0.9 g). Thornless. Disadvantage – vigorous growth.
          Male variety. Plants has a vigorous growth. High winter resistant and high pollen productivity. Disadvantage – too big plants.
          Male variety. Compare to Aley has a moderate growth. High winter resistant and high pollen productivity. Disadvantage - wilt susceptibility
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